How to go to Bacolod City from Cebu City | Solo Trip

FeaturedHow to go to Bacolod City from Cebu City | Solo Trip

Bacolod City: The City of Smilespict_20161022_115550


ETD in South Bus Terminal: 10am

· Ride a jeep from Cebu South Bus Terminal

FARE : 8 pesos

You can ride a taxi, but I’m a girl on the budget and since my apartment is near SOUTH BUS TERMINAL, jeep lang ta bes.

· From SBT, Ride a Bus going to TOLEDO CITY

FARE : 50 pesos

Travel Hours: 2hrs

· From Toledo Bus Terminal to Port, Ride a Tricycle to Port

       FARE: 15 pesos

· Toledo Port to San Carlos City

FARE: 150 pesos

Travel Hours: 2hrs


· From San Carlos Port, Ride a Tricycle going to Bus San Carlos Bus Terminal

FARE: 8 pesos

· From SC Bus Terminal, Ride a Van or Bus going to Bacolod Via Don Salvador

 FARE: 150 pesos

 Travel Hours: 2 Hours


The whole trip is 5 hours.

You can also ride a Bus from North Bus Terminal, but the fare is almost 900 pesos.


Malapascua Island: The Northern Paradise

Malapascua Island: The Northern Paradise

Malapascua Island is located in Northern most tip of Cebu City Philippines, this is one charming island famous of unspoiled white sand beaches, corals and of course, one of the world’s best diving sites. Malapascua is not a wonder, it’s a fame.


After our graduation, my squad are planning to have a summer trip but it didn’t happened. About a days ago, my good friend Jazelnie invited us to go to Malapascua Island, and finally we were able to agree with it (but it was a long process though, some of my friends were not able to join because of their busy schedules) so to make it short, only five of us were able to go, (Me, Twinkle, Berwin, Jazelnie and his boyfriend Nino)

Basic Survival Tips in Malapascua:

  1. Be prepared. It is a very small, developing island so don’t expect full range of facilities.
  2. Money. There is no ATM, so  bring a cash with you, preferably Philippine money. BRING ENOUGH PESOS!!!
  3. Budget. Food are expensive so budget your money..
  4. Internet access. Though the Mobile Signal is OK but the Internet access in the Island is as slow as a turtle.

How to get to Malapascua Island:

Getting to Malapascua Island has a 2 side trips actually that you could possibly make.One is venturing it’s neighbor which is the Bantayan Island via Cebu to Hagnaya route then enjoy the streets of a small city of Bogo, before heading off to Malapascua Island and there are buses from Cebu City to Daanbantayan, where port to Malapascua is in Maya. For less than 200 php (i’m not so sure about the fare because Jazelnie offer us transportation for free hahaha save kaayo bai, promise).

We stayed for one night in Jaz crib (in Daan Bantayan) before we head to Malapascua.

at Maya Port

PICT_20160331_085113.JPG12928228_10209337892744743_5528038920936258939_n.jpgBoat ride heading to Malapascua, it’s (Php 80 each) but the boat couldn’t reach the shore so we had to transfer to a small row boat (Php 20 each.) .so it’s (80+20=100 pesos one way) Travel time is 25-35 minutes.

Where we stay:

We stayed at Jaz family friend, Councilor Monterde’s house.

We eat lunch our first before we explore Malapascua.




We we’re searching for a place to relax and chill and we found a tree where it can hide the heat of the sun…PICT_20160331_121257

Underwater selfies. See? the sea water is so clear ❤





So yeah, that was basically a fun trip with  my friends and I hope I can visit Malapascua soon with my family. I recommend you to visit Malapascua Island because it is definitely a wonderful and an awesome paradise… a Summer or Travel goals indeed. 🙂